Kathryn B. Hull is an accomplished music teacher and author. She chose to write a series of children's books about composers because there is very little information available for children. Her stories are written for children of approximately ages 8-12. She also writes adventure stories for middle grade children.

As a composer and author Kathryn B. Hull is a member of ASCAP, writing music and stories for children. She promotes art and music in education, having taught music in both elementary school and college. Kathryn B. Hull is a Nationally and State Certified teacher of piano with an active studio in La Quinta, CA. For more information about Kathryn and her piano studio, visit her website at www.kathrynbhull.com.


Sarah's In-line Skating Olympics
Available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as the Author.  12/6/2011

Sarah's In-line Skating OlympicsI wonder if anybody ever thought of having in-line skating in the Olympics? If there was, I'd work to be the very best. I'd be the one to stand up on that center box and have a gold medal hung around my neck while they played 'The Star-Spangled Banner.' And Allison would get the silver medal at the same time.

An idea popped into my head, why not have my own Olympics?

Sarah is already excited for summer, but when she gets the idea to host the first ever In-Line Staking Olympics, she knows it will be just as great as she imagined it. She and her best friend, Allison, work hard to prepare fliers, find prizes and judges, design the competition course, and set up the event itself. Just when it looks like everything will go according to plan, a tough older kid named Mike shows up. Will he ruin everything? Or will it turn out that appearances are sometimes deceiving?

Pure Luck (an adventure story)
Available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as the Author.  7/26/2011

Pure LuckWhat would you do for buried treasure? Best friends Randy and Jennifer are confronted with that very question in Pure Luck. It all began with the metal detector they received for their twelfth birthdays. The two old coins they find on the beach lead them on a fantastical treasure hunt ending in a treacherous cave at the edge of the ocean. They enlist the help of a trusted teacher to retrieve the chest they find there. Assailed by rising tides, a storm that floods the cave, and an injury leaving their trusted teacher with amnesia, the two best friends soon find themselves in a pickle trying to juggle all their secrets. It was Pure Luck that they found the treasure chest, but now Jennifer and Randy are asking themselves was that good luck or bad?

Tory's Adventure With Johann Sebastian Bach
Available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as the Author.  12/14/2010

Tory The Time TravelerTen year old Tory and his younger sister, Andrea, enter the world of Johann Sebastian Bach when they open a book at the library. They meet the Bach family of 13 children in Leipzig and visit the German towns of Meissen and Dresden where they hear Bach's music on great cathedral organs. On the trip Mr. Bach tells them many entertaining stories of his life and family. Mrs. Bach plays music on the harpsichord written especially for her. Andrea and one of the Bach children venture into the attic of their home where they nearly get locked in an old trunk. They tour the school where Mr. Bach teaches music, then visit a museum where they see unusual and very old instruments. They return home when they close the book. During lunch they listen to music written by Mr. Bach.

Tory, The Time Traveler: An Adventure With Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, as well as from the Author.  7/16/2010

Tory The Time TravelerTory, who is ten and doesn't like to read, finds that when opening a book he is in a whole new world. He and his young sister, Andrea, enter the music room of Mozart, who is eight years old. Tory and Andrea are invisible to all the adults, which makes life interesting. While visiting with "Wolfie," Tory learns how to read music and play a tune on the harpsichord, and in turn he helps Wolfie with his math. Nannerl, Wolfie's older sister, teaches the children how to dance the minuet. They all go to the palace of the Emperor, where Wolfie plays both the harpsichord and violin for the royalty. Andrea gets lost in the palace and they wander through many magnificent rooms until they find her. They return home by closing the book. During lunch they listen to music composed by young Mozart.