For The Arts

Nonprofit Arts Organizations have a unique challenge. Government funding has become increasingly difficult to acquire. Corporations are inundated with funding requests. Foundations have specific interests. In schools, the arts are the first thing to go when budgets are tight.

But you know all that. And you know you could make a difference, if you just had the financial resources to carry out your programs.

In approaching foundations, corporations and other funding sources, you must:

  • Research those funding sources that match your activities
  • Plan submissions for your year’s needs to coincide with their funding periods
  • Prepare grant proposals according to each funding source’s specific guidelines


But you’re short on staff. You’re maximizing your resources. You don’t have the budget to hire a development director. And you need funding.

For the Arts gives you an edge in getting the funding you need. We have more than 40 years of expertise on researching funding sources and seeking grants.

Why research from the thousands of foundations across the United States
when we already know who funds nonprofit arts organizations?


For The Arts Can...

  • Identify appropriate funding sources for your projects
  • Assist in determining a realistic budget
  • Prepare and submit grant proposals on your behalf
  • Act as an established, professional liaison between you and your funding sources


We’re able to objectively evaluate and define your needs as we talk with you about your programs. We then recommend simple steps you can take to meet your needs, and how you can do so efficiently and effectively.

And you won’t need to outlay cash beforehand. We get paid when your grant gets funded.

But running a nonprofit isn’t just about raising money.
It’s about management, planning, fiduciary responsibility and reporting.
And that takes a team—of board members and staff.


What Else Can We Do For You?

  • Evaluate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can play up your strengths by acquiring and utilizing the best resources
  • Facilitate in setting goals and objectives
  • Determine the most effective methods for reaching those goals and objectives
  • Assist in implementing your concepts, methods and programs
  • Advise and assist in securing the right board members for your organization
  • Present workshops on funding techniques and proposal development so that your board and staff can become more self-reliant
  • By request, offer support for public relations, marketing and fund-raising, and provide direction for board development

Founder and Consultant

Kathryn B. Hull has over 40 years of experience in the areas of arts administration and management, grant seeking, proposal writing and fund raising. Since 1965, she has been appointed to serve on the boards of a broad spectrum of arts organizations, including civic, education, community and government agencies.


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