Recitals & Events

Recitals and Events


Recital and Event Schedule




Studio Recitals at the Piano Studio of Kathryn B. Hull


Studio Recitals for students normally are held every three or four months. However, for the duration of the Covid Pandemic, none will be scheduled until further notice.

These recitals are for all students to give them an opportunity to share their music in a formal, but relaxed setting, to develop stage deportment, acquire confidence on stage, perform pieces by memory, and use social skills. They are open to the public at no cost, and are followed by a reception where students, parents, family and friends can enjoy the experience together.

Workshops for young students are held when deemed appropriate. They are scheduled on a Sunday afternoon and last one hour. Students have an opportunity to try out their repertoire with no audience, just their peers. They learn how to present themselves on stage, how, when and why to bow, how to listen and critique a performance, and they get to know each other while playing music games so they feel less isolated--more connected to other pianists.

For more information contact 760-771-1041.


Other Events


Adult Piano Performance Workshops held on the third Sunday of each month at 3:00 P.M. at the studio of Kathryn B. Hull or at a participant's home.

For more information call 760-771-1041 or visit the web page below for more information about these workshops.