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The goals of this Studio are to:

  • Develop the musical potential of each student to his/her highest ability through a comprehensive study of balanced repertoire, progressive technique, interpretation, sight reading, ear training and music theory.
  • Provide encouragement and incentive through awards, group musical experiences,  workshops, and performance, competition and evaluation opportunities.
  • Vary methods according to the needs of the  individual student, but develop individual capabilities, meticulous workmanship and independence of study. Maintain communication with the parent or student regarding the progress, or problems, of the student in order to mutually work toward that student’s musical goals, development and enjoyment.
  • Maintain communication with the parent and student regarding the progress, or problems, of the student in order to mutually work toward that student's musical goals, development and enjoyment.


Lesson time should be used for teaching time, not just for directing practice.  It is recommended that students ages 4-7 practice 15-20 minutes twice daily; students ages 8-10 practice 30-45 minutes a day; students ages 11-13 practice 45-60 minutes a day; and students 14 and older in the upper intermediate and advanced levels spend more than an hour a day preparing their lessons.  Adequate practice time should be scheduled 5-7 days each week at a set time each day. Practice means everything must be played through no less than three times and as many as six times at one sitting.

It is strongly recommended that parents of students under seven years of age sit with their children during most daily practicing.  Parents of older children also should maintain close supervision of practice time.  Students should keep a daily record of their practice time.

Materials and Music

Most materials will be supplied by the teacher, and reimbursement for them may be submitted with the monthly payment.  The choice of literature for serious music rests with the teacher; however, suggestions are welcome.  There is no objection to the student playing any music he/she chooses, providing the prescribed pieces are practiced during the regular practice time.


The student should have an instrument in the best possible condition, preferably an acoustic piano, tuned at least once annually, with adequate lighting and bench height, and in a location that allows uninterrupted and concentrated practice time.

Lesson Schedules

Lessons normally will be scheduled on school holidays, with the exception of July 4, Thanksgiving Day, December 24 & 25, and January 1.  Others may be prearranged.  Lesson times are rescheduled for summer on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Lessons will be rescheduled or omitted during National and State Music Teachers’ conferences allowing the teacher to attend these professional meetings.

The student is to arrive at each lesson on time, well prepared and with all the necessary materials.  Parents are encouraged to be present at lessons occasionally; however, their presence can interfere with spontaneity.

Missed Lessons

At the teacher’s discretion, allowances or makeup lessons will be given for illness or family vacations when proper notice has been given.  No makeup lessons or allowances will be given for failure to cancel a lesson at least eight (8) hours in advance and half the lesson fee may be charged.

Workshops, Recitals and Festivals

Workshops are held in the Studio giving students an opportunity to gain performing experience with only their peers present.  Studio Recitals are scheduled periodically and are open to the public.

Opportunity is given for students to perform in programs sponsored by Music Teachers’ Associations.  These include workshops, recitals, seasonal music festivals, competitions and ensemble programs.  Appropriate fees will be required.

The student is expected to participate in all performance and/or competition opportunities recommended by the teacher.  The student is to obtain the teacher’s consent for all other public performances.

Evaluation Programs

Students are given an opportunity to register in the Music Teacher’s Association competitive programs, which culminate with performance evaluations given by State adjudicators.  Students may be selected from these competitions to perform in Honor Recitals, Master Classes, or at State Conferences.  Though optional, these programs are encouraged, with registration and adjudication fees required.  Other auditions may be offered as well.


There will be a minimum of two weeks’ notice when lessons are terminated by the student or parent.  The teacher will terminate a student only after a conference with the parent(s), and by mutual agreement.  The teacher may terminate lessons when the student is irregular in attendance, repeatedly fails to prepare assigned material, consistently fails to follow or understand the directions of the teacher during lesson time, or is disruptive.

Fees and Terms

Lesson fees are $75.00 per hour; $56.00 for 45 minutes; $38.00 for 30 minutes.  Payment is expected one month in advance, payable at the first lesson of the month for the lessons in that month.  Fees for workshops ($5.00), and reimbursement for music will be billed monthly.


Students from this Studio usually continue their study at some of the nation’s finest music schools, which include Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah), California State University (Los Angeles and Northridge), University of California (Los Angeles), University of Southern California, Los Angeles Performing Arts High School, Northern Arizona State University, Cal Poly Pomona College, Monmouth University (New Jersey), Berklee School of Music (Boston), and Idyllwild Arts Academy.

As a State and Nationally Certified Piano Teacher with a B.A. in Music, it is my goal to maintain membership and active leadership in professional music organizations of the highest standards, and through these associations to represent current philosophies and practices in piano pedagogy.

Member of:
Music Teachers of the Desert (MTOD)
California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT)
Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
The Steinway Society of Riverside County

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