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Piano Lessons Are Given
With Love And Joy!


Students of all ages from 4 to 94 are enrolled in my studio.

All my students develop good technique and musicianship and become proficient readers, as a top priority is teaching them to read music. I teach the classics, not popular music or jazz. However, once a student learns to read well, they can easily play any style of music on their own.

Music theory, scales and chords are the basics for learning all music and is a foundation I build on through my teaching. I require all students to learn scales in all keys, beginning in the first or second year. (See Studio Policies.)

When appropriate, students also are entered in local music teachers organization recitals and competitions and in state and national competitions according to their level of development. Many of them have won awards and scholarships.

It takes education and passion to be a good teacher. In addition to my love of teaching, I am a Lifetime State and Nationally Certified Teacher of Music and an active member of local (Music Teachers of the Desert), state (California Association of Professional Music Teachers) and national (Music Teachers National Association) music teachers organizations. I have a B.A. degree in music and have been teaching piano and music theory for more than half a century, since I was in College.

My primary teachers included Frances Jenson Hedman in college, then Madame Elsie Cook Laraia in San Francisco from the Matthay School of Music in England, and Sergie Tarnowsky in Hollywood from the Moscow Conservatory.

I continue learning through Master Classes, annual state and national conferences, and my teaching experiences. And I play the piano myself every day!

P.S. Beethoven is my favorite composer. His compositions have passion, and his music fits any mood. So no matter what I'm experiencing, I know that Beethoven can reflect what I'm feeling.

In addition to being a musician and teacher Kathryn is an author of children's books. You can visit her book site by clicking here to see what books she has available.